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Web Designer India
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Millions of websites are available online, hitting a website on Google Search Result Page is everyone’s goal. You have heard about SEO a method to optimize your website so that it ranks on Google or any other search engine. We hear talk about Google Search Engine as majority of users are accessing Google.com for their query or requirements.

How to rank a website on Google with high authority website ?

Building a website is not a complex task, now-a-days many tools are available online to build your desired website. The most challenging part is how to get it ranked on #1 page of Google.

Google Inc. is a big giant amongst all major search engines. Google keeps its search algorithm up-to-date to provide you better search result with accuracy. So if you try to spam there are chances where your website might get penalized by Google.

Since you want to rank your website once thing is most important that is keep patience. Good things takes some time. Winning the race needs some practice and efforts. SEO is totally a unproven method nobody knows which method will work and also we cannot guarantee a time taken for ranking your website. 

Websites DA Type
https://www.pen.io 94 dofollow
https://www.hatenablog.com 94 dofollow
https://www.medium.com 93 dofollow
https://www.blogger.com 92 dofollow
https://www.yola.com 92 dofollow
https://www.kiwibox.com 91 dofollow
https://www.webs.com 91 dofollow
https://www.skyrock.com 99 dofollow
https://www.justpaste.it 84 dofollow
https://www.wallinside.com 91 dofollow
https://www.webnode.com 37 dofollow
https://www.page4.com 58 dofollow
https://www.own-free-website.com 83 dofollow
https://www.cabanova.com 81 dofollow
https://www.hpage.com 78 dofollow
https://www.jimdo.com 69 dofollow
https://www.evernote.com 92 dofollow
https://www.bananabook.net 45 dofollow
https://www.doodlekit.com 72 dofollow
https://www.finaca.com 32 dofollow
https://www.aircus.com 83 dofollow
https://www.postach.io 61 dofollow
https://www.simplesite.com 91 dofollow
https://www.smore.com 84 dofollow
https://www.wix.com 93 dofollow
https://www.over-blog.com 92 dofollow
https://www.cross.tv 59 dofollow
https://www.blogrip.com 64 dofollow
https://www.bloglovin.com 93 dofollow
https://www.eklablog.com 92 dofollow
https://www.soup.io 95 dofollow
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https://www.ampblogs.com 89 dofollow
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https://www.zoomshare.com 75 dofollow